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Bose SoundSport Free true wireless headphones review

As the business pioneer in dynamic commotion cancelation and a long-lasting pioneer in the realm of computerized flag handling, Bose has a background marked by joining the most recent and most noteworthy sound innovation while as yet offering items no sweat of utilization that interests to even the most tech-petrified customers. You ordinarily pay a premium for items with the Bose logo on them, however any individual who has invested energy with the organization's contributions realizes that, while better qualities exist, Bose just doesn't offer anything awful. Whatever you get will set up rapidly, solid great, and capacity precisely as publicized — and that likens to significant serenity.

The organization's first since forever completely remote earphones, the SoundSport Free, take after this format. With five long periods of battery life, IPX4-evaluated waterproofing, and noteworthy bass, they are a strong first invasion into this detonating portion. In common Bose shape, there are better choices available for less cash — the SoundSport Free appeared at $250, and have since been dropped to $200, yet that is still $40 over Apple's AirPods and $15 over Jabra's more reduced, better waterproofed, and predominant sounding Elite Active 65t.

All things considered, however they offer somewhat less execution for more cash, the SoundSport Free effectively transcend most completely remote choices, and we totally wouldn't shy away from a companion or relative on the off chance that they let us know they'd copped a couple.

Out of the case

The SoundSport Free arrive in a little white box that houses the earphones inside a major, dark pillbox of a charging case. Opening the case uncovers oval-formed completely remote earbuds, which look somewhat like plastic mushrooms that grow from your ears when you put them on. Alongside the charging case (a staple for about all completely remote earbuds), extras incorporate a charging link, a client guide, and three sizes of eartips.

Highlights and outline

The SoundSport Free come in either all dark or a slope blue with neon yellow accents. A vast circle along every earpiece houses the battery, reception apparatus, and different other mission-basic usefulness, suspended genuinely far out of your ears when you have them in. Like the Sony WF-SP700N, the fairly massive external area is all around upheld when you really place them in your ears, on account of a shrewd utilization of silicone.

The earbuds look somewhat like plastic mushrooms growing from your ears.

The consolidated game balance/eartip area on the finish of every headphone effortlessly keeps them in your ears, where they adjust pleasantly, notwithstanding their huge frame factor. We had no issue wearing them for quite a long time, which isn't something we can say in regards to numerous completely remote in-ears.

Similarly as with most obvious remote in-ears, there's a fundamental cluster of controls on the highest point of every earpiece to shield you from going after your PDA. The correct earpiece has an arrangement of three catches — volume here and there with a multifunction play/stop catch in the center – while the left basically dons a Bluetooth matching catch.

Bose SoundSport Free Dan Baker/Digital Trends

It takes around two hours to charge the earphones for the situation, conceding around five long stretches of playback before waiting be come back to their plastic home. The case will get both of you all the more full charges in a hurry, for a sum of 15 long stretches of juice. For examination, Apple's industry-driving AirPods offer a similar five long periods of playback time and 24 long stretches of charging time from the case.

The SoundSport Free are sweatproof enough for even the stickiest summer exercises.

One of the SoundSport Free's cooler highlights is their voice-provoked battery check which reveals to you how much battery level you have left each time you pull the headphones from the case and place them in. The charging case itself is an unassuming clamshell with a small scale USB port and the Bose logo to finish everything. It's somewhat bigger than cases from any semblance of Apple and Jabra, likely attributable to the sheer size of the earphones that need to fit inside.

Exercise lovers and kindred Pacific Northwest locals will love that the SoundSport offer an IPX4 rating, which means they're affirmed against water sprinkles for five minutes — and sweatproof enough for even the stickiest summer exercises.


Matching the earphone is straightforward and simple. On account of included voice prompts and the Bose Connect App, your telephone or other Bluetooth-empowered gadget will rapidly lock onto the earbuds, and the headphones dependably rapidly re-matched when we popped them out of the charging case.

Bose SoundSport Free Compared To 

Sound Performance 

Bose has never been known as an organization that offers genuinely level or straightforward sound marks, rather tending towards the sort of helped low end and shimmering treble that tend to influence tunes to appear to be more lively and enthusiastic — if sporadically somewhat sloppy. While we normally lean toward the more clinical execution of contenders' over-ear earphones when contrasted with Bose over-ears like the QC25, we very appreciated the SoundSport Free earbuds, which effectively stay aware of their rivals in the completely remote space.

At the point when set up against tamer sound marks like that of the Jabra Elite Active 65t, the SoundSport Free get a more vigorous punch the bass that truly makes great hip-jump and soul music pop. On the opposite end, the sound profile doesn't appear to be very as pointedly etched as we ordinarily get notification from the organization's items.

Bose SoundSport Free Dan Baker/Digital Trends 

We incredible appreciated that punchier low-end amid exercises, when we regularly tune in to more beat-driven music. Sticking out to AC/DC, Chance The Rapper, and other exercise top picks was constantly charming.

All things considered, we wished for more midrange lucidity when tuning in to top choices like Fleetwood Mac's The Chain, a stalwart most loved in our testing library. We simply didn't get a similar profundity in the acoustic guitars offered by Jabra's Elite 65t (our most loved completely remote earbuds).

In any case, the SoundSport Free stand their ground; similarly as with other driving illustrations, they sound practically identical to joined Bluetooth earphones that keep running about a large portion of the cost, and now, that makes their sonic abilities truly focused.

Guarantee data

Bose offers a one-year guarantee for U.S. purchasers (two years in the EU) that spreads producer absconds.

Our Take 

With five long periods of battery life, restricted waterproofing, and great sound, the Bose SoundSport Free are a well-influenced section into the completely remote earphone to advertise – particularly in case you're a bass darling. In any case, you can show signs of improvement completely remote earphones for less expensive.

Is there a superior option? 

Indeed. For our cash, the Jabra Elite Active 65t — which offer indistinguishable battery life, more strong waterproofing, and a cleaner shape factor, for less cash than the Bose SoundSport Free — are a superior esteem.

For the individuals who wouldn't fret marginally more terrible sound execution, Apple's industry driving AirPods are additionally worth considering, offering strong network, convenience, and better battery life from their charging case.

To what extent will it last? 

Bose is an outstanding brand with a notoriety for quality items, and the SoundSport Free completely cling to that heritage. We expect you'll get long stretches of utilization out of them before any issues emerge.

Would it be advisable for you to get it? 

For most audience members, likely not. While we like the Bose SoundSport sufficiently free not to thump any individual who we see wearing them, we basically incline toward the more moderate and better-looking Jabra Elite Active 65t. Except if you're a gigantic bass-head, we speculate you will, as well

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